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Blessings in Christ

Feb 4, 2018

by: Robert Pruitt Series: Blessings in Christ | Category: Ephesians | Scripture: John 13:4–13:11

I. The humility of the Master. (Jn. 13:4-5)

   A. Jesus’ humility is manifested in that in spite of the current                         agrument of the disciples, He washed their feet.

   B. Jesus humility is manfested in that He donned the attire and task of        a slave.

   C. Jesus’ humility manifested itself in that He washed the feet, even of         Judas.

II. The perplexity of the servant. (Jn. 13:6-10a)

   A. Peter’s perplexity is manifested in a conflict of thoughts, words, and         motives

   B.  Peter’s perplexity is manifested in an inability to comprehend what         Jesus was doing.

   C.  Peter’s perplexity is manifested in an unknowlegable exuberance.

III.  The surety of salvation.  (Jn. 13:10b)

IV. The tragedy of betrayal. (Jn. 13:10c-11)