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Divine Salvation

Jun 11, 2017

by: Robert Pruitt | Scripture: John 6:34–6:40

I. Divine provision. (John 6:34-36)
   ​​​​A. Divine provision was that of God giving His own Son. (6:35)
​​​​   B. Divine provision is complete. (6:35)
​​​II. Divine presentation. (John 6:37-38)
​​​​   A. Divine presentation includes every member of the church. (6:37a)
   ​​​​B. Divine provision is eternal. (6:37b)
​​​​   C. Divine presentation is assured by Jesus perfect fulfillment of God’s will. (6:38)
​​​III. Divine preservation. (John 6:39-40)
   ​​​​A. Divine preservation is an act of Christ performed in line with the eternal will of the Father. (6:39)
​​​​B. Divine preservation is an encouragement to faith. (6:40)